About Us

CSES is a small Structural Engineering Firm specializing in both new and remodel Residential Construction Projects and in small to medium Commercial Building Projects.  We pay special attention to the economy of such projects, especially with regard to providing an Engineered Design that is sensitive to construction costs.  We give you what you need, when you need it.  No construction or building project is too large or too small for CSES.  If you are looking for a structural engineering firm which will stand behind their work and provide you with a timely and cost-effective structural design for your building project, look no further.

Our Emphasis is on Optimizing Structural Design to Control Construction Cost

Mr. Apolis either designs or closely monitors all of our structural engineering projects.  Larger engineering firms will often assign smaller projects to a junior engineer, which may result in an uneconomical design.  Our design costs are often lower because as a smaller engineering firm, we have much lower overhead costs.  In addition, our turn-around times often are much faster because of the way we optimize our engineering work schedule.

* Wood Framed Residential Design – New Home Construction
* Wood Framed Residential Design – Home Remodel, Home Second Story Additions
* Dormer Additions and Other Small Home Remodeling Projects
* Increasing Ceiling Height in Home Basements
* Consulting on Insurance Settlement Issues – Building Foundation Design and Upgrade
* Designing for Structural Repairs of Any Kind
* Commercial Buildings – New Construction
* Commercial Buildings – Remodel and Tenant Improvements

Experienced and Efficient

John offers over 25 years of experience in Structural Engineering Design for construction permits, for almost any type of construction project.  He has designed all types of structures, from small residential garages to multistory buildings and major roadway bridges.  We typically provide full structural designs for home additions and home remodel projects for 40 or more satisfied homeowners each year, as well as a similar number of smaller “one day” or even “two hour” building projects.

John S. Apolis, P.E., S.E., President of Consulting Structural Engineering Services, Inc.
: (206) 527-1288 or [email protected]