Our Team

John S. Apolis Principal Engineer

John S. Apolis Principal Engineer

CSES has been providing engineering design and consulting since 1993. Prior to that, John, the principal engineer, has been practicing in the Great Northwest since 1980. We therefore bring a wealth of significant experience to our design and consulting work. As those who have worked with us for years will attest, we strive to provide services that suit our clients’ needs and provide the maximum of efficiency in cost effective structural design.

John practiced primarily as a one-man office until he formed an alliance with another engineer, Giri Devaraju. Giri was educated and began his engineering work in India, and moved to the U.S. to practice here. He brings significant experience with commercial construction and multifamily residential. John has also provided design for many residential remodels, as well as a good deal of commercial and multi-family design.

Evan Apolis Associate Engineer at CSES Engineering

Evan Apolis Associate Engineer

Recently we have added to our staff Evan Apolis, a graduate of UW’s Civil Engineering program. Evan has hit the ground running and already is a valuable member of our design team. Evan has proven himself to be a valuable asset to CSES, with his attention to detail and growing skill and knowledge. He has done a fine job and contributed to effective and cost conscious design on all of his projects.

Sasha is Receptionist for CSES Engineering

Sasha Receptionist

Sasha balances a busy work schedule of greeting clients and attending site visits with intense and focused naps on the couch. She enjoys having people say her name in a goofy voice.