Upstairs Kitchen Revised

This homeowner was frustrated and worried, because he had hired a plumber to install an upstairs kitchen, and felt that the wall framing was unnecessarily butchered during the installation of plumbing. This fellow is a typical diy-er, spending money for plumbers and such only when necessary, and trying to do […] Read more »

Hillside Failure Remediation

I was called out on a site visit to take a look at a backyard slope. Behind the house was a beautifully finished backyard, with multiple terraces down to a deck overlooking a ravine. This fall, mudslides carried quite a bit of soil away from the deck supports. What soil […] Read more »

Retaining Wall Project

The owner is a local designer and the small building is her studio. She and her neighbor cooperated for this retaining wall project. The concrete retaining wall shown in these photos was leaning forward by roughly one foot, and was in danger of failing and falling over. The wall is […] Read more »

About Us

CSES is a small Structural Engineering Firm specializing in both new and remodel Residential Construction Projects and in small to medium Commercial Building Projects.  We pay special attention to the economy of such projects, especially with regard to providing an Engineered Design that is sensitive to construction costs.  We give […] Read more »