Long Narrow Skylight

20131126_141620We have been working on this house, on and off for several months now, in collaboration with a fine contractor we know.  The owners decided that they would like a long, narrow skylight on the south side of their attic room.  This is a 100 year old home, so the design is complicated by the inadequate framing typically used back then.  After a couple of wrong turns, we arrived at a solution to the problem that satisfied everyone.  They plan to tan indoors under the new skylight.

By the way, “inadequate” in this case means only that it would not be built that way today, both for reasons of design strength, and because deeper framing is needed for insulation that was never used in 1910.  My own house is a beautiful old Craftsman like this one, and personally, I love the oddities that come with many years of revising and remodeling by a series of owners.  That is called either Character or Money Pit, as you prefer.