Foundation Settling Problems

This enterprising young man makes his living by buying properties in bad shape, then fixing them up and selling. Real estate pros call this “flipping” the house. Now, this particular home may look pretty tidy, but it had some foundation settlement problems, similar to many older homes on relatively steeply […] Read more »

Long Narrow Skylight

We have been working on this house, on and off for several months now, in collaboration with a fine contractor we know.  The owners decided that they would like a long, narrow skylight on the south side of their attic room.  This is a 100 year old home, so the […] Read more »

Eastern Washington Theater Activity Building

The beat goes on at the 100-acre Eastern Washington property for which we designed a number of buildings.  Currently under construction is a Theater Activity Building, with an Imax theater, a bowling alley, and a good number pinball machines, as well as a couple of motion simulators.  This has been […] Read more »

Confrontation Over Retaining Wall

Property line issues can wreak havoc with neighborly relations. This is a case in point. Most of us get on with our neighbors, mostly because we don’t have financial disputes with them. In this case, a basically cordial relationship between neighbors is threatening to turn into a raging confrontation over […] Read more »