Plans For A Bachelor Condo

DSCN1219A previous owner of this waterfront condo had removed a short wall separating the kitchen from the dining area. This kind of change is popular these days, as people have grown to prefer open living spaces. There are some who do so without the aid of an engineer such as yours truly, and this can lead to problems if the wall removed has a structural purpose, such as holding up the ceiling!

DSCN1217At any rate, the young bachelor (this is a bachelor pad!) was going to sell his condo, and wanted to make sure that there were no issues. I made the visit, examined some plans he had, and did some exploration myself of the state of the existing framing. As it happens, all was OK in this case, and I was able to write a letter indicating that the previous remodel had, in fact, been completed in an appropriate manner.

I like this fellow, who is conscientious and careful about how he relates to others. More of us should take that lesson. I also enjoyed the killer view from the balcony…..