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Haydn Planetarium Construction Started

Haydn Planetarium Construction Started

This teardrop shaped room now contains a high quality planetarium, using multiple projectors, and a sophisticated full-surround sound system, and seats about 20 guests. The structural design for the roof required supporting the dome structure from high trusses.

Principal Engineer John Apolis at the Haydn Planetarium Project

Principal Engineer John Apolis

This is the cave of the residence, and on those scorching Eastern Washington summer days, the owner and guests can watch interesting or unusual celestial events as if they sat outside at any location in the world, at any time in history or in the future.

Haydn Planetarium Construction Interior

Haydn Planetarium Project Interior

The owner has a special love for astronomy and the universe. He also is constructing a research grade telescope on his property to take advantage of the clear Eastern Washington skies. His location is away from larger cities, and therefore there is very little extraneous sky light to interfere with observations.