Beams To Replace Bearing Walls

This gentleman was in process of doing some DIY remodeling, and desired to remove some walls, and in some locations, to remove ceilings as well, to create vaulted space. The walls were structural bearing walls for the most part. CSES provided design and detailing for new beams to replace the […] Read more »

More Room For Kids To Play

This family’s house is small, and they need more room for the kids to play as they grow up. I made a visit to their home, and discussed their options. They have a fairly typical attic, and the center part can be upgraded with enough head height for the children […] Read more »

Basement Remodel Remove Posts

These folks are doing a basement remodel, and wanted to move some of the many posts you see, and eliminate others altogether. During my visit, I took notes and dimensions, and provided them with documents they needed to obtain a simple building permit for the work. CSES: don’t change your […] Read more »

Local Church Unusual Design

A local church near our office wanted to remove some interior structure to create an even more open feel to their main hall. The framing is quite complex, and it took some head-scratching to arrive at a solution that got them what they wanted, and also preserved the original feel, […] Read more »