Easy Fix For Seattle Home

When one purchases a home, it generally appears to be perfect in most ways. Then the blinders are removed from one’s eyes, and flaws begin to become apparent. Or perhaps the house is actually what we imagined, and it is the flaws that are mirages. I think this North Seattle […] Read more »

Wood Foundation

A certain number of older homes in Seattle are constructed on top of wood foundations rather than concrete. Often this was done to save construction cost, and often the homes were built in what were, at the time, outlying areas – so that the buildings were intended for use as […] Read more »

Enclosing Home Carport

This young man had just bought his first house, and it was small. Well, we all have to start somewhere. He wanted to increase his living space inexpensively by enclosing an existing carport. You can see how crowded the home is, even with a relatively small quantity of possessions. We […] Read more »

Sloping Garage Foundation

Steeply sloping sites often are problematic, and many hillsides tend to migrate downward over time. This is frequently the result of gravity combined with rain, sometimes with a dash of bad planning thrown in. In this project, a contractor was hired to rebuild the foundation of a garage which had, […] Read more »

Open Basement Space

My previous blog notwithstanding, many people like their homes to be perfect. I can respect that, and in fact much of my design work is intended to facilitate that desire. The gentleman who owns this neat suburban home was looking to improve and finish his basement to be used by […] Read more »