Sloping Garage Foundation

DSCN1196Steeply sloping sites often are problematic, and many hillsides tend to migrate downward over time. This is frequently the result of gravity combined with rain, sometimes with a dash of bad planning thrown in. In this project, a contractor was hired to rebuild the foundation of a garage which had, over the years, undergone substantial settlement. It was an old garage, but still useful. If you have one of these, you know how much old stuff it can hold, that you do not want in your house.

Some contractors like to consider this a repair. Not so, the City of Seattle. Halfway through the construction process, a city inspector noticed the work and red-tagged the project โ€“ which means that no further work could be done until a permit was obtained. Documentation and calculations for the new foundation were necessary, and CSES was on the spot to provide those quickly, so that the construction could be completed, and all of that junk โ€“ I mean valuable older possessions โ€“ could be returned to its rightful storage venue.

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