Wood Foundation

100_0887A certain number of older homes in Seattle are constructed on top of wood foundations rather than concrete. Often this was done to save construction cost, and often the homes were built in what were, at the time, outlying areas – so that the buildings were intended for use as cabins or getaways. You will find these in the Alki area, in West Seattle, and Shoreline, among others.

Then the city grows and expands, and eventually the house finds itself in the middle of a neighborhood. The new owner wants to add a second story, or whatever.

This was one of those. The foundation was a combination of pressure treated wood directly on the soil, and minimal concrete in some places. CSES was able to provide an economical design for a foundation upgrade which allowed a beautiful addition to be constructed. The new foundation also eliminated the maintenance necessary when that wood foundation finally rots away. Which they all do, eventually.

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