Confrontation Over Retaining Wall

Property line issues can wreak havoc with neighborly relations. This is a case in point. Most of us get on with our neighbors, mostly because we don’t have financial disputes with them. In this case, a basically cordial relationship between neighbors is threatening to turn into a raging confrontation over […] Read more »

Deck Dry Rot Deterioration

It’s nice to have a view. This fellow’s deck was beginning to deteriorate, with unprotected wood splitting and cracking, and in some places showing dry rot deterioration. The deck was built by a previous homeowner, and most like was done without a permit. It sits on sleepers laid directly on […] Read more »

Damage Done By Plumber

Plumbers are not known for their careful consideration of the structural implications of what they remove from a floor. By which I mean, some have a tendency (regardless of the effect on the safety of the mutilated floor joists) to hack away whatever gets in the way of the plumbing […] Read more »