Charm Of The Houseboat

I think most of us city dwellers have fantasized about living on a houseboat.  It is a scarce and limited resource, and strictly controlled by the Seattle ordinances.  I have been lucky enough to experience living aboard one, if only briefly.  I (and CSES) have also been involved in the […] Read more »

Addition For Small Home

The owners of this tiny place wanted more room, but were not sure if their existing foundation would support a second story. In fact, the existing foundation was too small to accommodate that. CSES designed an addition which avoided over-stressing this older foundation, and so these folks will get their […] Read more »

Structural Assessment

This client, whose very nice family home is in a gated community, was attempting to refinance his loan.  The bank required a structural assessment of various parts of the home prior to approving the loan.  We were asked to evaluate the condition of the exterior foundation, as well as some […] Read more »