Hodge-Podge Of Additions & Remodels

Many of us love the older homes in and around Seattle, despite their often all-too-obvious flaws.  Case in point, this engineer’s home is, in some ways, a hodge-podge of additions and remodels.  There is almost nowhere where the walls are perfectly plumb, or the floors completely level.  Even so, the […] Read more »

Couple’s Home Had Nothing Wrong

We originally visited this fine family home, about a month ago, to help them with problems that a plumber had created in an upstairs bathroom. Plumbers do tend to hack away at floor and wall framing to fit their pipes, often to the detriment of the floor’s serviceability. At any […] Read more »

Beams To Replace Bearing Walls

This gentleman was in process of doing some DIY remodeling, and desired to remove some walls, and in some locations, to remove ceilings as well, to create vaulted space. The walls were structural bearing walls for the most part. CSES provided design and detailing for new beams to replace the […] Read more »

Deck To Support Solar Panels

This fellow wants to build a covered deck to support solar panels in his rear yard. He has an existing deck, but that was in pretty bad shape. We provided a design which included repairs where necessary, and added structure to form the roof that supports the panels. The sketch, […] Read more »

More Room For Kids To Play

This family’s house is small, and they need more room for the kids to play as they grow up. I made a visit to their home, and discussed their options. They have a fairly typical attic, and the center part can be upgraded with enough head height for the children […] Read more »

Complex Multi-family Project

Sometimes, what may seem at first to be the simplest of problems turns out to be involved and complex. This is one such case. This multi-family project had been red-tagged because a contractor was installing railings without a building permit. The complicating factor is that the railing system is proprietary, […] Read more »

Unusual Framing

As a part of a second story remodel for this client, we investigated some rather unusual framing, including sloping braces and offset walls. These were discovered after the contractor had begun the remodel work, and we needed to provide an assurance that the unusual conditions would not affect the final […] Read more »